Industrial relays the status of market applications focused giant hard to shake the

Published: 22nd April 2010
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At present, the mechanical and electrical relay application is still the largest market Taken together, the total market share above 60%; metallurgy, petrochemical industry is also a relay used more often, both relays together accounted for about 15% of the market; Others, such as transport, cement, water treatment, paper making, military, and other industries will also use a large number of relays.

Omron industrial relays in the mainland market, has an absolute advantage in all sub-sectors of their occupies a leading position. Izumi, in mainland China the major market segments of industrial relays also has a certain advantage, but its various sub-sectors of the market share is far lower than the Omron. Panasonic, Tyco and other more focused on the power industry enterprises in the relatively good performance in the industry.

In addition, the mainland also mainly low-end enterprise industrial relays used in mechanical and electrical industry, whose customers are some low-end machinery manufacturing plant or disk cabinet factory.

Industrial relays within the next few years the market will maintain steady growth, market competition will not change much

Overall, the mainland China market, industrial relays will remain relatively steady growth, with the improvement in the overall economic environment, industry growth rate will be increased.

At present the industry's overall competitive pattern of relatively stable, market-Omron absolute advantage in the short term it is difficult companies are able to threaten its market position. Izumi, macro hair, Schneider and other major companies will still maintain a good momentum of development and continue to relay in the industrial market remains a major supplier status.

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